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Plan your contributions

According to the public pension you will receive.

Plan your benefits

The complementary payment you will receive.

Plan your taxes

Be aware of the EPSV ́s impact.

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Plan your retirement


Contributions are periodically made to supplement the public Social Security once the age of retirement has been reached.


Amount you will receive at the time of retirement. Then you will choose how to collect the money.


We have four types of EPSVs: employment, individual, associated and non-differentiated.

Tax deductions

Tax benefits apply whilst contributions are made.

Why are EPSVs so important?

Fundamentally, EPSVs pay pensions supplementary to those provided by the Social Security so that, once the age of retirement has been reached, an associate can receive an amount that is as close as possible to the last sum paid in the form of wages as an active worker.

Economic rights originating from an EPSV will help you to maintain quality of life for you and your family once you retire.

Also you will obtain tax deductions for contributions made over the years.

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