The Federation


The Federation of Voluntary Social Welfare Entities (hereinafter EPSV) is the most outstanding and representative Basque grouping of EPSVs and currently comprises about 70 entities that joined the organisation voluntarily and pay benefits in excess of 870 million Euros to their associates.

The EPSV Federation of the Basque Country is a non-profit organisation whose funding mainly comes from the fees paid by its associates i.e., the federated EPSVs, although a small subsidy is also provided by the Basque Government.

The EPSV Federation of the Basque Country is run by a General Assembly and a Board and features are another two areas, one technical and the other administrative.

The Basque Country’s Federation of EPSVs is involved in a number of territorial forums. It is, in fact, a member of the Basque Council for Social Welfare representing the EPSV sector. It is also a prominent member of the Spanish Confederation of Voluntary Social Welfare Mutualities Confederación Española de Mutualidades de Previsión Social Voluntaria, with a representative at PensionsEurope, Europe’s most important pensions association and is an observer member of EAPSPI, the European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions.